GREENFIELD — Organizers said it had been a dream two years in the making, but that it had definitely been worth the wait.

A ribbon cutting was held Feb. 28 to mark the official launch of the Circle of Care center in Greenfield.

The 10,000-square-foot structure at 312 E. Main St. has been transformed into a space in which nonprofits focused on human services can operate together under one roof.

Supporters were invited to tour the newly renovated space Wednesday afternoon.

Carrie Kosh, a staff member at Circle of Care, led guests on a tour of the once-dormant second floor of the building, which now features office space available to local nonprofits.

“This was unusable up here. There was no plumbing, no heating or air-conditioning, so we broke down and redid everything — carpet, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, heating and air — so it’s now completely redone,” she said.

The center — which was built as an upper-scale residence before serving as a funeral home for years — is the former home of the Community Foundation of Hancock County.

When the foundation relocated to its new home just west of Greenfield last year, it handed the keys over to Lynda Kosh, who now oversees the Circle of Care.

Kosh is executive director of Meals on Wheels, one of the five local nonprofits now located within the Circle of Care center.

“The Circle of Care was created as a separate 501c3 nonprofit, and the Meals on Wheels board oversees the Circle of Care board,” she explained.

The Circle of Care’s mission is to be a safe, shared space where nonprofits work together offering accessible services that enrich lives.

There are currently five nonprofits located within the center, with room for six more. Office space ranges from 87-252 square feet at a rate of $145-$420 per month.

Those who join the center have access to use of its board room, conference room, family room, kitchen and storage.

Kosh said the joint office space benefits resident nonprofits by allowing them to not only network and support one another but to share a receptionist and other office amenities.

“One nonprofit working alone cannot always have their own receptionist because they’re limited on funds, so we’re able to share things like that,” she said. “The primary benefit though is working together to provide a wide range of services to the community all in one location, which cuts down on transportation issues for those who don’t have gas money or are unable to drive around to all the different nonprofits for services.”

Misty Fuller, director of Firefly Family and Children Alliance, said it’s a tremendous help to be located under the same roof as other nonprofits which often serve overlapping clientele.

“I like that they’re literally right around the corner, so if I want to refer a family to other organizations it makes it a lot easier to do that soft hand off,” she said.

Fuller also commended the new look of the building, which features a number of wall-size murals and colorful, inspirational signs throughout.

“It’s a beautiful space and very inviting to the community, with spaces for families to gather” as they’re receiving services, she said.

Lana Stephens, director of the local domestic abuse nonprofit, Shelter from the Storm, also praised the building’s makeover at Wednesday’s open house.

“A lot of these areas have a pop of color that really makes a statement, that we want you to feel welcome. There’s even a sign at the front door that says, ‘Yay, you’re here!’ to give it that extra bit of personality and sense of connection,” she said.

Even though her nonprofit is not located within the Circle of Care building, Stephens said local nonprofits can still benefit from visiting and collaborating with other nonprofits located there.

Mary Gibble, president of the Community Foundation of Hancock County, was thrilled to see that her former office space was being put to such great use.

“I’m just so impressed and so happy that our community is going to be served by this incredible center,” she said Wednesday. “There’s a special energy here that feels incredibly welcoming, so those who visit here will definitely feel the love.”

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