Other victims come forward in molest case against Greenfield man


Jericho Lee Marvin Johnson, 26, Greenfield.

HANCOCK COUNTY — Officials investigating child molestation allegations at the after school YMCA program at J.B. Stephens Elementary, where a worker there has been accused of inappropriate touching, say there are other child victims from different incidents and have charged the man accordingly.

Jericho Lee Marvin Johnson, 26, Greenfield, was officially charged late Friday in Hancock County Superior Court 1 with eight different crimes against children.

Johnson is facing four different Level 4 felony counts of child molesting; two Level 5 felony counts of confinement where the victim is under 14 years of age and two Level 6 felony counts of battery on a person less than 14 years old.

Johnson has been in the Hancock County Jail since officials became aware of the alleged incidents. He has been awaiting official charges. Officials with the Hancock County Prosecutor’s office put a 72-hour hold on the case while they investigated the claims.

Johnson had his initial appearance in Hancock County Superior Court 1 Monday morning where Judge D.J. Davis set a $100,000 cash bond. Davis also noted should Johnson be out on bond, he must be connected to a “Direct Hookup” which means he can’t leave jail without being hooked up with a GPS. Further conditions of bond note Johnson cannot work anywhere with any employees under 18 years of age, live anywhere there is anyone under 18. Another condition added by the judge included Johnson can not attend any school or church in which anyone under the age of 18 was present. There is also a “No Contact Order” with the 4 victims.

Johnson is due back in court for another hearing Wednesday, March 13.

According to a probable cause affidavit, officials with the Greenfield Police Department said they received a 911 call on Feb. 14 from a parent who reported that a man at the J.B. Stephens YMCA program had touched their child inappropriately. When officers arrived at the school, they learned a second child was reporting the same problem.

Officials noted in the report that parents told school officials and the YMCA personnel at the school, and Johnson was immediately suspended and left the school prior to the police arriving.

The affidavit noted both victims were interviewed forensically at Zoey’s Place Feb. 15. Officials also brought Johnson into the GPD to speak with him about the alleged incidents. Johnson told officials he had been working for the YMCA after school program for a couple of weeks. When asked where he worked prior Johnson told officials he worked at the Shining Stars Academy in Greenfield.

According to the affidavit, Johnson told officials that when he was asked to leave the YMCA program by officials on Feb. 14, he went to Brandywine Church where he volunteers in a role similar to what he did at the YMCA. He told officials he mentors three other girls there and that he transported them home that night.

Officials asked Johnson what happened while he was at the J.B. Stephens after school YMCA program on Feb. 14, and Johnson said he had no idea why he was asked to leave but was told it was because there were allegations against him, the affidavit said.

According to the affidavit, Johnson told officials about his interaction with the two victims and after a lengthy discussion with police, Johnson said “I messed up,” then admitted he touched both victims in an inappropriate manor.

“He said that he got carried away and felt bad,” officials stated in the affidavit.

On February 17, officials were notified of a delayed report of a sex offense where another victim was identified from when Johnson worked at Shining Star daycare. Officials noted in the affidavit that victim 3’s guardian used to work with Johnson at Shining Star daycare and was friends with him. The affidavit also stated that Johnson was frequently with victim 3 at various locations, even going to the guardian’s residence, where the child was staying in April of 2023 and where some of the alleged incidents are said to have occurred.

When victim 3 was interviewed forensically at Zoey’s Place, the affidavit noted, the victim stated that Johnson had touched her inappropriately. Officials also noted in the affidavit, another child, victim 4, who was a friend of victim 3, was also touched inappropriately, the report stated.