McCORDSVILLE — After a favorable recommendation from McCordsville’s advisory plan commission, a Planned Unit Development (PUD) went to the McCordsville Town Council on Tuesday, Feb. 13 for first reading and a second reading for the annexation of this land into the town.

According to the PUD, the park to be annexed into the town would serve as a “destination that creates a vibrant community hub revolving around a modern soccer/sport field complex served by supporting community and commercial services.”

The PUD also mentions there would be pedestrian linkage between the park district and commercial district, with parking located throughout to maximize walkability, efficiency and opportunities for shared parking.

The PUD also highlights that this site would maintain and highlight the history of the property, which was home to the 1930s Dillinger Dog Track and in the 1970s was “brought back to life as Raceland Indiana, a quarter mile sprint car and midget race track.”

The petitioner and owner of the sports park, Kert Toler, pointed out at the meeting that two big items for him were by being annexed and having this PUD, he wouldn’t have to put items like light poles up and have to pave path paths that are mulch until future development is ready to be made, and also preservation of the track.

Toler said that the section was added and that he shared with assistant town manager Ryan Crum that the track preservation was important and would like to see something in place to help preserve the track if something were to happen and they would have to sell the land.

Tim Gropp, town manager, said that this is something he’d like to see a partnership with the town on or a right of first refusal because of the few historic pieces the town has.

In the exhibit that shows the commercial district and the park district, Crum did explain there are a different set of standards for each one, and that the standards would only kick in when there is further development on that specific property.

Greg Brewer, town council president, said he was OK with that and the idea made sense since there is still a need for sewer to be provided to the area.

“As we’re providing that amenity to you, that’s probably when you’re going to want to start your development, right? So it’s kind of working together,” said Brewer at the meeting.

Toler said in response that part of the idea of entertaining a daycare of the property was that it was a big enough project to help establish an entrance in and pave more parking, so that the two (development and amenities) go hand in hand.

According to the PUD, permitted uses in the commercial district would include daycares, health or day spas, libraries, restaurants — eat-in or fast casual — sports fields and indoor recreation facilities. Special exceptions would include medium scale department or discount stores and second floor/upper level dwellings.

For the park district, the PUD shows outdoor recreation facilities permitted with some special exceptions such as museums, schools, indoor recreation facilities, places of worship and a few more.

While not annexed into the town of McCordsville quite yet, Brewer said he believes this to be a great addition to the town.

“As many houses are coming in both here and Fortville, there’s going to be that need,” said Brewer at the meeting.

With cleaning up some language in the PUD, and getting an agreement for the historic preservation of the track, the annexation and PUD both passed unanimously.