Music masters: Local students earn awards at solo, ensemble event


A saxophone quartet made up of Anna Cleveland, Conrad Linder, Eric Swanson and Will Erwin earned a gold medal at a recent event.

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GREENFIELD – Several Greenfield-Central young musicians earned gold and silver ratings for their performances in solo and ensemble events.

Greenfield-Central orchestras earned 41 gold ratings and three silver ratings at a contest Jan. 27, hosted by New Palestine Intermediate School.

From Greenfield Central Junior High School, Uriah Pollitt and Nevaeh Wethington earned silver ratings for their bass solos.

Gold soloists were Aly Wilson, Cailyn Plebanski, Dominic Clark, Elsie Ketchen, Matison DeArmond, Kaiden Frisckorn, Leah Hammelman, Zoey Blomberg, Adalynn Magura, Gracie Fine, Ian Cline, Lillian Gordon, Lydia Frieden, Maeson Robinson, Olivia Shepherd, Paul Eaton, Bailey Thomas, Kayden Green, Landon Guzick, Liberty Smith, Riley Colwell, Tony Sanchez, Celysta Batt, Chloie Cook, Nora Bockstahler, Malory Amonett, Parker Lawson, Sylas Messer and Diego Aguilar.

Miles Morales, Quentin Goolsbee, and Kaitlyn Giddings earned a gold rating for their string trio; Genevieve Forbes, Arieana Mathews, and Maggie Hutcheson earned a gold rating for their violin trio.

From Greenfield-Central High School, Ella Neill earned a silver rating for a cello solo.

Edward Bernal, Morgan Solhan, Naomi Campbell, Ty Smith, Alexander Lawson, and Violet Hunter-Ferguson earned gold ratings on their solos.

Michael Peterson, Maddox Redmond, and Faith Hobbs earned a gold rating on a violin trio. Ava Brim, Kensi Diefenderfer, and Gregory Mason earned a gold rating on their viola trio.

Mercedes Fillebrown, Alexander Lawson, Izabella Day, Ross Peters, and Violet Hunter-Ferguson earned a gold rating on a string quintet.

Julian Anderson earned a gold rating on a bass solo and qualified for state solo and ensemble, which will be this month.

Greenfield Central Junior High band students earned 140 gold ratings and 14 silver ratings at the same event.

Woodwind soloists to receive a gold medal were Nora Bockstahler, Gracie Fine, Colin Fletcher, Emma Hatcher, Adelaide Kolehmainen, Adalynne Magura, Anna Morales, Kaiya Sharp, Olivia Shepherd, Lillian French, Izzy Call, Willow Davis, Kendall Guenther, Bella Hurst, Addison Jackson, Kelsie Johnson, Charlotte Payne, Ariel Shelley, Lillian Stoots, Bailey Sturgill, Ashley Vargas, Nevaeh Branscum, Ian Cline, Carter Filson, Leighanna Gibbs, Raley Greggs, Leah Hammelman, Hannah Hawsey, Kalea Jacobs, Mila Magallanes, Raven Melton, Maddie Payne, Madison Robbins, Sofia Sanchez, Camery Scott-Rolark, Jackson Unterborn, Kaydance Daniel Mati DeArmond, Elsie Ketchen, Audrey Low, Parker Neal, Hunter Pagac, Katie Taylor, Melanie Thompson, Brooklyn Wing, Kinley Yost, Camilla Aldridge, Chase Cameron, Riley Colwell , Dellen Douglass, Maeson Robinson, Landon Schwertfeger, Josey Shanton, Jessica Singco, Emma Spears, Jayden Vermilyer, Everett Beaver, Grant Burks, Anna Cleveland, Will Erwin, Max Fillebrown, Kaiden Frischkorn, Conrad Linder, Austin Martin, Zachery Owen, Annelise Reuter and Eric Swanson.

The gold medal saxophone quartet included Anna Cleveland, Conrad Linder, Eric Swanson and Will Erwin.

Brass soloists earning gold medals were Bryan Bernal, Mia Brinkruff, Hannah Brown, Lydia Freiden, Charlotte Goff, Ethan Greulich, Jacob Hewson, Jack Joyner, Gwenyth Mies, Matthius Riddle, McKenzie Solhan, Autumn Shelton, Om Aggarwal, Quentin Goolsbee, Ryne Krippenstapel, Will Parker, Ian Sheese, Maggie Shoufler, Stephen Wilhelm, Cullen Anderson, Henry Close, Joseph Browning, Kade Chittum, Joey Jarrett, Isabella Latdrik, Parker Lawson, Ben Sanders, Parker Aldridge, Willa Crouch, Ava Davidson, Mason Durick, Haley Gibbs, Elijah Kline, Crayton Kramer, Ashley Roys, Mallory Amonett, Weston Rone, Megan Byerley, Julian Garcia, Logan Presley, Tyler Hensley, Levi Mann, Tony Sanchez, Sean Fannin and Alex Lanum.

Gold medal trumpet quartet was Om Aggarwal, Stephen Wilhelm, Will Parker and Sully Batt.

Percussion soloists earning gold medals were Paxton Arms, Rylee Conaway, Carson Crider, Jayden Elich, McKenna Kelley, Alyra Lahr, Sylas Messer, Annabel Mumaugh, Bailey Thomas, Ben Tran, Tyler Wagner, Cayden Baylous, Sully Bennett, Keegan Carter, Dominic Clark, Brooklyn Emmerling, Hudson Flink, Cailyn Plebanski, Malachi Riddle and Avery Taylor.