Letter to the Editor: Anti-racist derangement syndrome has gone way too far


To the Editor:

The article the Reporter ran by Ms. Dunn (February, 3) regarding the return of 1920’s Klan style racism in America was simply beyond absurd. This leftist/liberal/mindset is exactly why we have crime running rampant in the streets, prosecutors who will not enforce the laws, courts and judges letting felons and illegal aliens out of jail with no bail, and encouraging looting and theft so extensive that many national chain stores have closed up and left areas run by these leftwing anti-law and order officials. Allowing blacks and brown skinned people to run amok wreaking chaos and anarchy have ruined blue states and many of the cities in them, Just look at CA, Wa, and Oregon. NY and Illinois are both so crime riddled and chaotic from lax, “anti-racist” policies that normal citizens are fleeing by the thousands, Being for law and order is the correct thing regardless of skin color, and it is certainly not “racist” to desire a safe and civil environment in which to live. The fact that blacks commit crime at a massive rate in proportion to their percent of the population is a fact, not a “racist” idea. All the Greenfield area folks who used to proudly adorn their yards with BLM signs shows both a naivety (BLM leaders helped no blacks with the money they got, but bought mansions, cars, etc.) but a clear non-racist mindset. The overreaction in being “anti-racist” by many blue states in coddling criminals has reduced these places to unlivable and squalid third world ghettoes. If anything, the anti-racist derangement syndrome has gone way too far. The invasion of dark skinned people being abetted and encouraged by this leftist administration would seem to be anything but “racist”. Ms Dunn may want to rethink her accusations in view of the facts. They don’t lie. Like them or not…

Tim McDowell