GREENFIELD — Lt. Governor and gubernatorial candidate Suzanne Crouch spoke with many Hancock officials and was able to hear the community’s questions, hosted at The Depot on Jan. 30.

Crouch said that she has been traveling the state and talking to communities for nine years, and that reaching out is a part of the ongoing effort to hear what community members have to say about what is important to them. Crouch said it is also an opportunity to “share with them who I am, what I stand for and what I am going to do for them as governor,” Crouch said.

Crouch said that she knows that the people want someone who will stand up for them and that the people want a voice.

Crouch said economic freedom is a want from the people she has met with and spoke to, and plans to pursue freedom with her “Ax the Tax” policy, which would eliminate the state income tax.

Safety and increased protection is another want Crouch said, and she said that is something they’ll provide with “fighting the drug cartel and the Chinese allies” that Crouch said is bringing deadly fentanyl into the country.

Crouch said that the protection of the most vulnerable in the state is also important, such as the unborn, the elderly, the disabled and those struggling with mental illness and addiction.

Greenfield Mayor Guy Titus said he believes it is great that Crouch is taking the time to come out to Greenfield to ask questions of the community. Titus said that while Crouch talked about policies on the state level, she also talked about the local level as well.

 Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch. Dec. 4, 2023. Tom Russo | Daily Reporter

“I just appreciate her taking the questions from all my friends and constituents in the community out here because they have needs and wants,” Titus said.

Titus also said that he especially enjoys her support in health care and mental health. Titus said that while he himself is blessed and lives a good life, he knows there are people out there who struggle day to day and need that support.

“They are our family, our friends and our neighbors,” Crouch said. “And so being able to be here — being able to share with them what I want to do for them and the state of Indiana — sharing with them that I have the passion, the commitment, the courage and the experience to deliver results.”

Crouch said that as a state representative, auditor of state and lieutenant governor, she helped turn the state around, and that Indiana was named first in the Midwest and sixth in the nation for the business environment.

“I’ve played a role in that and I’m going to continue to play a role as governor to be able to deliver results for Hoosiers and I want to boldly lead Indiana into the future and I want to protect our conservative values,” Crouch said.

Crouch said that with the last few listening sessions she has been in, she has noticed there has been a concern expressed about artificial intelligence (AI).

Crouch said that as governor she would address the issue, making sure that they can drive the benefits of AI but also protect Hoosiers and their identities from negative effects that could occur because of AI.

Concerns of the workforce were also raised, and with that, Crouch said going back to the idea of getting rid of the state income tax will help make Indiana look attractive enough to others to make them want to come to the state.

“They want to live, and businesses will want to stay here and be a part of our success,” Crouch said.

Crouch said it was great to be back visiting Greenfield and can remember just roughly a year ago visiting and dedicating Depot Park. Crouch said with the work of former Mayor Chuck Fewell and now Titus, “I see Hancock County and I see specifically Greenfield leading us into the future because of what they’re doing here is addressing their quality of life issues that are so important to Hoosiers. That’s the next great chapter in our history,” Crouch said.

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