The night before Christmas: Traditions bring family together time


Greenfield residents Asher and Bree Howard, aged 12 and 11, get new Christmas pajamas every Christmas eve.

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Editor’s note: How do local families spend the magical night before Christmas? The Daily Reporter asked on social media. The Greenfield, IN Moms Facebook page has more than 5,000 followers, mostly Hancock County parents who share advice and support in the community.

Here, moms share their favorite traditions on Christmas Eve.

“My husband and I give our girls a Christmas Eve present that always has new Christmas pajamas, fuzzy socks, cocoa bombs, & a book to read before bed! After they’re dressed in their new pajamas we take them and our mugs of cocoa to look at the lights.”—Hannah Goodrich

“We open one gift- which is new pjs and set out the cookies we made all day for Santa.” –Autumn Stoner

“We do church and new Christmas pjs the night before Christmas.” –Cristy Pete Corwin-Howard

“My kids always got a special box of stuff for Christmas. It always has Christmas pjs, hot cocoa, new cocoa mug, popcorn and a movie. We watch the movie and enjoy the snacks and when the movie is over bedtime.” –Elizabeth Reynolds

“(We) sprinkle the yard with reindeer dust, set out a plate of homemade decorated sugar cookies for Santa while the reindeer nibble on carrots, grapes, and strawberries. Kids write thank you letters to Santa as we listen to Hancock Sheriff Department & Greenfield Police Department talk about where Santa is (on the annual Facebook Christmas Eve video).” –Megan Corbett

“The night before my son opens a box or basket that has pjs, a Christmas book and an ornament.” Whitney Hatter-Barbosa

“We have a project to share a gift and a basket with food to a community of 132 families! And We celebrate Christmas the 24th at night. Tradition: bake a dessert name ‘Carlota;’ make a drink called ‘fruit punch’ and dance the whole night until 1 a.m. Then we open the gifts.” –Liza Molanphy

“My family plays games together. Sometimes we play board games, other times we all play each other in Mario Kart.” –Natalie Anderson

“Our family attends Christmas Eve service followed by Hibachi & then back to my parents house for games before heading home to set out cookies & milk for Santa.” –Brittney Farrar-Krempasky

“We have ‘taco Christmas Eve’ where we get together and essentially have a taco buffet. Then we put out cookies and milk and read a Christmas story before bed.” –Chrissy Pyles

“We do a Christmas Eve box which includes: favorite drink, favorite snack, ‘The Night Before Christmas’ book, something fluffy (socks, blanket, stuffy). She opens the box and we watch a Christmas classic movie, then I read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ in front of the Christmas tree. She sets out cookies, milk, and carrots for the reindeer.” –Shelby Sweet (Rose)

“We also attend church, we will have hot chocolate and drive around to look at Christmas lights. Then we come home to open one present, and get the cookies and milk out for Santa. We end the night reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ in our Christmas pjs.” –Christina Chambers

‘My family and I attend church service, bake cookies, have Christmas Eve brunch, and exchange presents with my side of the family so that we can be home on Christmas Day. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in our Christmas pjs.” –Hannah Anderson

“We watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘The Grinch.’ We do ‘Christmas Mickey’… because my son loves it. It’s jammie’s all day for Christmas Eve and Christmas. There’s always music playing.” –Kaitlyn Luna