Prosecutor’s office hosts food drive for victims of sexual assault


The community donated dozens of food items for those in need.


HANCOCK COUNTY — In a heartening display of community support, the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office conducted a food drive benefiting victims of sexual assault. The drive, organized in the spirit of the season, collected an impressive amount of over 120 food items.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by survivors of sexual assault, the initiative sought to provide tangible support to those affected in Hancock County. Prosecutor Brent Eaton expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response from the community.

“We are incredibly moved by the generosity of our local community during this food drive,” Eaton said. “Sexual assault is a deeply impactful crime, and this effort reflects our commitment to supporting survivors in meaningful ways.”

The collected food items will be distributed to those impacted by sexual assault, aiming to bring comfort and aid during a difficult time. The Prosecutor’s Office extends its appreciation to all who contributed, embodying the holiday spirit of compassion and solidarity.