MCCORDSVILLE — The McCord Square Review Board (MSRB) approved two requests for the new town center, one from Rebar Developments for the apartments and one for the new NineStar Connect location, at their recent meeting held on Nov. 29.

Lauren Wahl spoke on the behalf of Rebar, requesting approval for 17-foot signage for both the apartment buildings that are currently under construction — the Jackson and Lucas.

Wahl said that these signs are blade signs, which are “internally lit double-sided aluminum cabinet w/push-through acrylic letters” according to the description from the artwork approval form by Hoosier Sign Guy. With the approval of the 17-foot sign, Wahl said they will abide by all other standards set. Originally, the PUD states the maximum height would be 12 feet.

Rendering of the four-story apartments that are currently under construction in McCord Square, the Jackson and the Lucas.

“We just think 17 given the mass of these buildings, they are four story buildings. It really fits better than the 12 feet,” Wahl said.

For a better composition than just shop drawing, Wahl said the signage would be something similar to what is used for The Barlow Apartments in Plainfield.

Director of planning and building Ryan Crum said that the staff was in support of the request.

When questioned why they didn’t originally ask for 17-foot signage, Crum mentioned they agreed on a smaller number because of the building possibly having three stories, but as things changed in the market, they were OK with a four-story building.

The board approved the request 5-0.

NineStar Connect also had a request for approval, which was the development plan and architectural design of the proposed building that will sit at the southeast corner of CR 600 W and Main Street.

Bill Butz with Kimberly Horn Associates introduced the plans for the NineStar building. Sitting south of the IU Health building, the building would have a corner focus to help enhance the entrance for McCord Square. It would also have a rear parking lot, roughly 71 spaces.

The plans also showed a trailhead plaza at the south end of the site plan.

Butz also said that the plan allows for a “T” with Main Street and Union Street, which also has existing utilities.

There is no door on the west side of the building, but Butz said they do have the ability to put a door if they need. Crum said they generally try to activate frontage roads — what they try to do with downtown — but he also understands that as of that day, it is an office building so there won’t be a lot of pedestrian activity along CR 600 W.

Town council president Greg Brewer said that he liked the awning designs and the uniformity with the other buildings in McCord Square along with the courtyard. A concern Brewer had was if the proposed spacing would be adequate enough for the building when it is a multi-use space.

With the parking ratio requirements being two spots per 1,000 feet, the approximately 70 parking spots meet those standards. Crum said that if at some point the whole ground floor turns into retail then they may look for more parking, but he doesn’t see that occurring.

As far as progress of the property just south of the proposed NineStar building, town manager Tim Gropp said that at the RDC meeting next week there will be a discussion about an agreement — similar to the IU Health property — and if the property is purchased, that area due to drainage would become a park near the trailhead along with a storage area.

With the streetscape requirements, Crum said they aren’t seen on the plans. However, Union Street still has requirements and a bulletpoint for discussion for him was to acknowledge at the meeting that someone will have to be responsible for the streetscape, whether it be NineStar, IU Health or whoever is close to it.

After the MSRB had a conversation discussing smaller details in the plan such as patio furniture, sidewalks, signage and more, they motioned to approve the design for the Ninestar building as presented, including items noticed in the meeting and including but not limited to a commitment letter for the Union Street streetscape. The motion passed, 5-0.

The next MSRB meeting will be determined based on need.