By Lacey Watt
[email protected]

HANCOCK COUNTY — Bill Niemier, attorney for TKC Properties, went before the county commissioners on the morning of Sept. 19 and presented a plat for what would be considered a minor subdivision at 3097 N 600 W.

“It legally creates the two parcels that are shown on the plat,” Niemier said.

The subdivision would be two lots located at the corner of CR 600 W and 300 N. Lot N0. 1 has plans to host a gas station in the near future.

Niemier said that earlier in the year he requested a special exception for the gas station to be built in this area. Certain uses such as gas stations are allowed only upon the grant of a special exception, for which he received approval.

Once approval for a gas station was granted, TKC Properties sold Lot No. 1 to Gurpreet Singh from Fishers.

Lot No. 2 still remains owned by TKC Properties. Niemier said that while they have had some inquiries regarding Lot No. 2, they have not received an offer that they are willing to proceed with.

“We care about the communities that we own property in and are not going to just develop them for anything that comes along,” Niemier said.

The two lots are separated by CR 590 W and CR 310 N along the north side of Lot No. 1. Niemier said the county put those two roads down back in 2013. These two roads would be the only access points for the proposed gas station.

“There will be no request for an additional curb cut for vehicles to enter anywhere other than the two existing county roads,” Niemier said.

Singh said they are currently going through the permitting process for the gas station, and depending on how long that will take, they may begin the project soon. As far as a completion date, Singh said once they receive permits the construction will take six months maximum.

Construction will be done by Singh Construction, who has also constructed a variety of commercial buildings including Qdoba, Subway and more than 50 gas stations, according to Singh.

“Mt. Comfort is a vast growing and developing area that provides an incredible opportunity for years to come,” Singh wrote.

Singh said the estimated cost for the whole project is roughly $5.5 million and the gas station would include a separate diesel canopy for small trucks. It would also have an EV charging station and lounge with a restaurant for customers to utilize while they wait on fueling or charging. The gas station will also include a small dog park located nearby.

Niemier said that after visiting one of the sites in Noblesville, it was very similar to a Leo’s gas station in that that building is high quality with the building being concrete.

Singh gave many special thanks to the people involved in the whole process and who have been very helpful. Singh also said that the community of Greenfield has been welcoming, passionate and extremely supportive which makes it an honor to have the opportunity to do business in the area.

“If the residents, workers, or commuters of Mt. Comfort have any requests, recommendations, or ideas, my ears are all open and willing to listen,” Singh wrote.