By Lacey Watt

[email protected]

GREENFIELD — Located on State Street just north of downtown Greenfield, Level Up Real Estate recently moved and rebranded to help with its bold business of real estate.

Level Up Real Estate is a full-service real estate brokerage that helps the community buy and sell houses in the Greenfield, Fortville and Indianapolis areas.

Hart Summeier, broker and owner of Level Up Real Estate, opened the business in January of 2022 after working for RE/MAX.

The new location at 716 N. State St was needed when Summeier said the business had outgrown the old location, and other needs came to fruition such as a private parking lot and storage spaces for items such as signs.

“The need was there because we were physically running out of real estate but also, too, I do a fair amount of community service, so having a meeting place, which is a hard find in the area,” Summeier said.

Summeier said that they’ve been able to take their conference room and turn it into a place for organizations to meet and brainstorm board meetings

“Having the flexibility to be able to do that has been awesome,” Summeier said.

Summeier said that one challenge they faced when getting a new location was finding somewhere that would be able to accommodate any kind of growth. Summeier said that there aren’t a whole lot of office space options, and that is similar to what people are experiencing in their personal living needs.

“I see it on a day-to-day basis for folks personally, but to have that potential impact on us doing business was a different struggle,” Summeier said. “But we finally found something, and if there’s any investors that want to buy an office park… call me. We’ll make it happen.”

Lifelong Greenfield resident and team member Kati Hoskins has been with the company since the end of June this year but has known Summeier for many years. Hoskins said that Summeier has been someone who has challenged her to think differently and essentially level up personally and professionally.

“I decided to go with Level Up specifically because it is a very small, tight knit team. They’re centered around support for one another and their community, which really aligns with who I am,” Hopkins said.

Hoskins was at the old location for about four weeks before the move, and she too said they were ready for more space. She also said that the new space gives a more “homey” feeling with a lot of natural light, something that Hoskins is “a sucker for.”

“It really fits our brand more,” Hoskins said.

As far as rebranding, Summeier said that one of the biggest challenges as a business is keeping up with the megadollars that come from outside brands who have creative teams that work on new material.

Summeier said they’ve had to leverage artificial intelligence and automations to be able to replicate what those major brands are doing on a global scale here in the community, so when someone calls a real estate company, they are calling local and not another location.

“It was important for us to stay with the times and not break the bank but also be as well-equipped to serve our consumers like the big box stores,” Summeier said.

The rebranding for business goes along the theme of “bold” because Summeier said they make bold decisions, bold statements and representation of their clients.

“We’ve made a bold statement in the market that we are a serious player and we’re here to stay,” Summeier said. “We’ve put an emphasis on bold to better personify what we are trying to do daily.”