We must adapt to keep Hancock County informed


Joe Young handles a stack of papers at the press room at the Daily Reporter. (Tom Russo | Daily Reporter)

The Daily Reporter will be missing from local newsstands and mailboxes Tuesday as we adjust to a new schedule of publishing twice each week — Wednesdays and Saturdays — while continuing to provide readers with the same local coverage they have grown used to each day of the week on our website, greenfieldreporter.com.

Unfortunately, we were no longer able to sustain a five-day-per-week print publication as readers continue a long-growing trend of consuming their news online instead of in print. In order to retain our full team of journalists who, when kept together, allow the Daily Reporter to cover local news on economic development, local government, crime and justice, schools, events and festivals, inspiring human-interest stories, local sports and much more, this move was necessary.

All the local news that you currently read from talented journalists Kristy Deer, Shelley Swift, Lacey Watt, Anne Durham-Smith and Maribeth Vaughn, along with complete sports coverage from Steve Heath and Brady Extin and excellent photojournalism from longtime staff photographer Tom Russo will still be available to read and view each day — just on a different platform as we adapt to how most people now consume their news.

On greenfieldreporter.com, we have added national news and sports coverage from the Associated Press so that our website can become your one-stop shop for the latest news. Unconstrained by the amount of usable space in a given print edition, we will stock our galleries with even more photos, and we will soon make those professional photos available for purchase on our website.

With the switch to publishing two print editions each week, there will be changes to the Wednesday edition of the Daily Reporter. While Saturday’s edition will look much like it has in recent years — our latest A1 news along with a Sports section containing game stories fresh off a busy Friday night of high school sports and a Religion section — the Wednesday edition will now contain the usual news and sports along with features from pages readers have become accustomed to reading throughout the week, such as Hancock Happenings, Schools, Community and Lifestyle pages, in a third section.

We thank you, our readers, for supporting us through the years, and we hope that you continue to do so as we begin this digital-first era of the Daily Reporter.

Without your support, this community would not have this great resource. Instead, like too many other communities across the state, Hancock County would become another news desert, where most residents are not kept well-informed in a timely manner of what decisions are being considered by their elected officials in the various city and county boards. Without your support, Hancock County would not have complete coverage of your beloved high school sports teams and athletes or the great photography of your young stars in action.

Our readers have always supported local news, so we will support them as we make this transition.

To help our readers adjust to this new format with us, there will be a training and Q&A session at the Greenfield Senior Citizens Center to help readers learn how to access and use our website starting at 10 a.m. Sept. 18 at 280 N. Apple St.

Those who cannot attend the training and Q&A session are welcome to reach out to our customer service representatives by emailing [email protected].

Change can be scary, but we believe this change in how we deliver your local news will enable us to adapt while continuing to provide the same accurate and timely information that Hancock County has depended on since 1908.