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Thank you for subscribing to The Daily Reporter. Thanks to your support, our communities have the strong local journalism that we need to thrive.

More and more of our loyal subscribers and new readers are getting their news through one or more of our online delivery methods. The world has pivoted to digital delivery of information. We have to pivot with it. It is the news itself that is important, and digital delivery provides us with the speed and cost efficiencies that we need in order to continue to report on local issues.

Starting September 2, 2023, we will be shifting our news delivery from the traditional print newspaper over to our website on all but two days a week, Saturday and Wednesday. To continue to stay informed, it is critical that you link your subscription to our website. The good news is that doing so is easy. You can use the link at the top of our website to readily get access at any time.

Your subscription entitles you to unlimited access to everything we publish online every day. We can send breaking news alerts to your computer, or e-mail tomorrow’s headlines to you every evening, allowing you to get your news even earlier. These links go straight to the stories on our website, making sure you never miss an important development.

Our website is updated several times a day, ensuring your access to games, puzzles, comics, obits, news, stats and everything that you have come to expect from us every day. It works on phones, tablets and computer screens of all types.

We will still offer our digital replica of the print edition, but only on the days when there is a print edition. Moving our news coverage to on the other days allows us to have faster distribution of stories that are more in-depth and that include more photos.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. You can visit our Digital Help Center for how-to guides or email our customer care team with your questions.

The Daily Reporter remains committed to bringing you the stories you can’t find anywhere else and in-depth investigative reporting that no other media outlet provides. We’re grateful to be a part of your daily news routine.

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Richard Clark


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FAQ for New Distribution Schedule

Q: Why has this decision been made?

A: AIM Media Indiana’s mission is to produce valuable journalistic content that engages audiences and improves the communities we serve. Online is where the majority of people are consuming our content, and that demand continues to grow.

Most of our advertising partners have communicated that they prefer to deliver their marketing messages via specific print days,which will now coincide with our new delivery schedule.

Lastly, like everyone in the country, we are feeling the impact of record inflation, and want to minimize passing costs onto our customers. We understand they are getting hit from all angles and we are thankful they continue to support our organization.

The subscription is for daily news content, and we will continue to keep subscribers informed through our website and online editions, in addition to the two print editions.

Q: What does this mean in relation to current subscription rates?

A: No rate changes to current subscriptions are planned. All current subscribers have access to our e-edition and website as part of their current subscription package. If they are not currently using this feature, they can and should email [email protected] to activate their online account.

Q: Will the rate of the single copy edition change from its current price?

A: The plan is to change the price of the midweek paper to match that of the weekend paper. Single copy purchases do not include access to news that is only published online.

Q: Will the e-edition be available each morning for access by readers?

A: The replica e-edition will be available only on the two days where we have print editions. Still, the news will be updated every day on our websites.

Q: Will the weekend print edition come out on Saturday or Sunday?

A: Our weekend print edition will start to be distributed on Saturday at all locations.

Q: What days for each paper will be print editions?

A: Moving forward The Daily Reporter, The Tribune and The Republic will have print editions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There will also be replica e-editions on those two days.

Q: How do I access the website and e-edition?

A: Step 1. Visit your newspaper’s website and link your account.

Step 2. Sign up for mailing lists including breaking news, promotions and more.

Step 3. Click on the activation link emailed to your inbox.

Step 4. Login to your account to get unlimited access to the website and e-edition.

Q: Will any content be cut?

A: As our delivery system evolves, our commitment to great content does not. No content will be cut as part of the adjustment. Readers may see content located in a new section of the paper, or on our website, but it will not be deleted. In fact, our plan is to expand our website content to include the AP News and Sports widgets.

Q: Will readers see a change in the content included in the print editions moving forward?

A: The first thing a reader will notice is the slightly increased page count of each edition. Secondly, they will notice our increasing commitment to deliver quality local and state content.

Q: If there is more than one reader in the household and the print edition is shared, is more than one device able to log into the website and e-edition?

A: Each account has access to the website and e-edition utilizing up to two devices.

Q: I don’t have computer access. Will I be able to see all online content in the printed editions?

A: We are still a daily news source. Each day stands independently. Print editions will not include copy that is found in previous print or online editions. Accessing our website via a mobile device will give you full access to our content when you are logged in as a subscriber, as well when you log in via our App.

Q: Where will I find my puzzles and comics?

A: We know interacting with your favorite puzzles and comics is important to a great many of our readers. For that reason, we will be including all of them in our online editions every day.

Q: Who should I contact if I still have additional questions?

A: If you have questions about how to access the e-edition or website features of your subscription, you should reach out to one of our customer service representatives. They can be reached by email [email protected].