2023 general election candidates list updates


HANCOCK COUNTY — With the last of the deadlines to file closing on Aug. 1, an updated list for the general 2023 election candidates has been shared, revealing who all are running this year — with New Palestine’s five Republican candidates to be confirmed later after their convention on Aug. 17.

As current Greenfield mayor Chuck Fewell is finishing up his 10th and final year serving as mayor, the three candidates up for the position are Republican Guy Titus, Democrat Nate Anderson and Libertarian Larry Silver Jr.

Anderson said that while there are several factors that played into him wanting to run for mayor, what made him decide to “put his hat in the ring” was his leadership that he believes is needed to guide the city of Greenfield as it grow, and stating that his leadership skill set separates him from the other candidates running for mayor.

Anderson shared his “2050 and beyond plan.”

“It talks about infrastructure, talks about reducing our carbon footprint as a city, bringing a diverse economy to our city, rebranding downtown,” Anderson said. “That plan is designed to basically be a compass for the administration, so as these decision points come up, it’s going to guide the decision-making process.”

Silver Jr. shared there are three main items he would like to accomplish as Greenfield’s next mayor — reduce the budget, restore property rights and fix traffic. Silver Jr. also mentioned he hopes the public does their research for this election.

“I just hope that everybody — all the voters — do their research on every candidate and vote for the candidate that best represents them,” Sliver said. “Not a party, but an actual person. Between myself and the other two candidates, I feel I’m the one who can give you more of your freedoms or liberties back, and will pretty much leave you alone.”

One of Titus’ main focuses also goes along with traffic at the main intersection in Greenfield as the city grows. Titus mentioned that he wants to help serve the community in a different capacity than he has before.

“We have an opportunity – Greenfield is growing immensely and we have an opportunity to control that growth and to hopefully keep our small-town feel but be able to adapt to all the growth that is coming our way because it is inevitable,” Titus said.

For Greenfield City Council, unopposed candidates are Republican Anthony Scott, District 1; Republican Amy Kirkpatrick, District 2, Republican Joyce Plisinski, District 3; Republican John J. Jester at Large; and Republican Daniel J. Riley at large.

The two candidates running against each other for the District 4 seat are Republican Jeff Lowder and Democrat Carol Pearson. For the District 5 seat, Republican Thomas J. Moore and Democrat Bradley Scott Morris will be on the ballot.

Greenfield’s clerk treasurer, Lori Elmore, has her spot secured with no competition.

Cumberland Town Council and Fortville Town Council look to have no competition as each open seat has one candidate.

Cumberland’s candidates are Republican Edward D. Loud, District 1; Republican Mike Wolski, District 2; Republican Anna Pea, District 3; Republican Breck Terheide, District 4; and Republican Joseph Siefker, District 5. Running for clerk treasurer is Republican Erica Salmon.

Fortville’s three open seats will go to unopposed candidates Republican Vanessa Battaglia and Republican Tonya Davis, both District 1; and Republican Libby Wyatt, District 2. Republican Melissa Glazier is running for clerk treasurer.

McCordsville Town Council District 1 seat will go to unopposed candidate Republican Chad D. Gooding, and the District 3 seat will go to Republican John Price.

Republican Greg Brewer and Democrat Linda Robinson will compete for the District 2 seat.

For McCordville’s clerk treasurer, Republican Megan Brewer and current clerk treasurer Independent Stephanie Crider will compete for the seat.

Running for the three open seats in Shirley Town Council at large are four candidates: Robin Boucher, Dennis Denney, David Messer and Rebecca Perkins – all Independents. Independent Teresa Hester is the only candidate running for town’s clerk treasurer.

Spring Lake Town Council candidates consist of Republican Bill Barber, Republican David James Johnson III, and Republican Andrew Swain for the three open seats, with clerk treasurer candidate Republican Diana L. Johnson.

For Wilkinson Town Council, the three open at large seats will go to unopposed candidates Republican Winfred “Daniel” Denny, Independent Robert L. Heiden and Independent Jeremy R. Polston. Independent Janette Young is running for clerk treasurer.

Deadline for the public to register to vote is Oct. 10, with early voting starting on Oct. 11. Election Day is Nov. 7, 2023.

For more information on the New Palestine Convention to be held next week, see the story by Kristy Deer.