To the Editor: Sheriff should retire comparison gimmick


To the Editor:

To laugh or to cry, that is the question when Sheriff Brad Burkhart again makes one of his regular pleas for yet again higher salaries for Hancock County deputy sheriffs.

For years he has always managed to find other cities and counties somewhere that pay more than Hancock County. However, apparently we are paying salaries so high now that the only place left in the entire state that he can cite as higher is Bartholomew county (where?) and even there it’s just the first few years.

Please Brad, we are not suckers. Apparently everywhere else in Indiana pays less than we do. It seems to me that it’s time for the County Council to look at the other 90 counties and reduce the pay here to match the lesser amount elsewhere that the Sheriff implies is the case when he does not name them.

The Sheriff’s comparison gimmick has worked so well in prior years that he should acknowledge its success and retire it. OK Brad?

Lloyd Allen