To the Editor: Problems need pointing out, but so do solutions


To the Editor:

Recently there have been editorials and comments in the press about how disfunctional our political system has become. The press laments how neither party wants to be accused of caving in to the other, no matter how minor the issue may be. Since the main job of a politician is by definition to establish a common ground on contentious issues and move ahead for the good of the country and the people affected by the issue, being disfunctional becomes the main issue. The press is quick to point this opinion/fact out and suggests our politicians fix the problem. So I am a little confused when a major issue like raising the debt limit appears to have been solved by the two parties working together is met in the press with comments like “who rolled over to whom”, who cares. That is not the issue, the issue is a solution was agreed upon by both parties, and no one got shot, Hamilton lives. Why is the press looking for scape goats, why is the press not praising the fact that these men and women worked together for a solution. I’m not claiming the solution is monumentally wonderful, but it is a solution, which seems like a step forward to me. It may be a small step to build on, but the press is not looking for solutions, only for pointing out problems. Problems definitely need pointing out, but so do solutions, no matter how small, thanks, kp.

Ken Peterson