Letter to the Editor: Indiana’s government must promote energy affordability


To the Editor:

For many Hoosiers, the price of powering our homes is becoming a significant burden on our wallets. State utilities have repeatedly raised rates on consumers, largely to pay for unreliable renewable energy and natural gas projects, without any regard for the impacts it has on family budgets. Just last year, for example, Duke Energy raised rates twice – by 16 percent and 7% – in just six months.

The legislature recently passed HB 1007, which requires the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to consider affordability, among other factors, before they approve any major decisions regarding the power grid. This is a good step in the right direction, but unfortunately it’s not strong enough to prevent arbitrary and damaging rate hikes.

It is critical that our representatives in Indianapolis take an active role in preventing utilities from hiking energy rates on consumers. Though the legislative session has ended, their voice in support of consumers throughout the year will help ensure utilities can’t get away with passing their own costs on to working Hoosiers.

C.O. Montgomery

New Palestine