Letter to the Editor: ‘Roundabouts don’t work for me’


To the Editor:

I see that the county commissioners are going to sprinkle around some more roundabouts on county roads.

Looks like all of those white buildings around Mt. Comfort are about to again increase the inconvenience to the rest of us.

Roundabouts don’t work for me, and I know only one person who likes them.

The double lane one on Mt. Comfort Road at CR 300N is the worst. With any car moving from the inside lane to the outside lane you have to crane your neck backwards to the right to watch out for someone trying to pass you from behind, and you must as well look ahead to watch out for vehicles entering into the roundabout from the right.

This is dangerous. Especially do not build a two laner. Also the large roundabouts cost more to build because the county has to purchase more land.

Solve the traffic problem by not building more white buildings. They just bring in more traffic, adding trucks as well as cars occupied by employees with low paying jobs.

Grant Cripe