GOP wins McCordsville council


Bryan Burney

McCORDSVILLE — Republicans came out on top in the four-way race for two at-large seats on McCordsville Town Council Tuesday.

Republicans Scott Jones and Bryan Burney received unofficial vote totals of 1,218 and 1,128, respectively, while Democrat Linda Robinson got 952 and fellow party member Andrea Yovanovich drew 870.

Scott Jones

The wins for Jones and Burney, a former McCordsville Town Council member and retired physician, follow their victories in their contested primaries as well.

Jones, who owns several small businesses, including one in information technology, said the outcome left him feeling excited.

“Obviously we did very well in the primary and felt pretty confident moving into the race this evening,” he said Tuesday night.

He added he felt McCordsville voters’ frustration over recent industrial projects in town helped lead to his and Burney’s wins. Likely compounding those local issues, he continued, were sentiments toward state and national matters, like inflation.

“As we spent all day at the polls talking to people today, the turnout felt like it was a presidential election this afternoon,” Jones said. “I think we’re seeing that nationwide.”

Since deciding to run for town council, Jones said he’s attended every council meeting to get himself up to speed on projects and challenges the town has and familiarize himself with its issues.

“So I look forward to going into January being of service to the community and ensuring that we’re getting projects in the community that people want into town,” he said. “I’m especially interested in assisting and giving the townspeople more things to do here versus having to venture out. I think the most important thing for me is making sure everything that we do is fiscally responsible.”

Burney and Jones will join fellow Republicans Greg Brewer, Larry Longman and Branden Williams on the council.