Avery Dennison expanding again


GREENFIELD – A facility that makes label and packaging materials in the city is growing larger.

The Avery Dennison plant at 870 W. Anderson Blvd. is slated for an addition to its northwest side. George Boyd, engineering manager for the site, said it will consist of about 62,000 square feet of warehouse and shipping space as well as 10 shipping docks.

“The purpose of this expansion is to extend our existing shipping area,” Boyd told the Daily Reporter in an email. “More specifically, we are currently limited in output due to space constraints in our shipping area.”

Work is expected to begin this October and finish around October 2023, he continued.

Boyd said at a Greenfield Plan Commission meeting earlier this month that the expansion won’t drive a higher employee headcount. The plant currently has about 470 employees, he added, but its target number is around 500.

The plan commission approved a development plan for the project.

It comes after an expansion that finished in 2020 that doubled the plant’s size to nearly 600,000 square feet.