10-year 4-H member shares about foods


By Katelynn Howell
Special to the Daily Reporter

Editor’s note: The Daily Reporter is highlighting Hancock County’s agricultural community each month, along with the people and stories of local groups and programs. Here, New Palestine High School senior Katelynn Howell shares about her final year in the 4-H program; Howell is a 10-year 4-H member and is in the Clip Clop Clover 4-H Club. To learn more about 4-H, local clubs or to sign up, call Hancock County Purdue Extension at 317-462-1113 or email Amber Barks, [email protected].

I have completed a food project every year since mini 4-H. This will be my tenth and final year in 4-H, and foods is the only project I have participated in every single year.

Foods have always been my favorite project. I bake with my grandma a lot, and she helped teach me some of the techniques I use. Baking is something that brings my whole family together through generations and making food for 4-H connects us even more.

I have been able to make food in ways that I never would have made before. Learning to substitute sugar with pureed fruit or adding whole grains to my baking is not something I would have tried before. Yeast bread, rolls and biscuits made from scratch are not something I would have made on my own. I am glad I learned how to make them.

The foods project has taught me skills that will be used throughout my lifetime. It is important to know how to cook and bake, whether cooking for just myself or a large group. Knowing how to follow a recipe and learn how to make different foods will be beneficial for my future. Foods has helped me learn the importance of following directions and paying attention to detail.

Following instructions is important for school, no matter your age. When you are given an assignment, you must follow the directions or else your teacher will take off points. In 4-H, you must follow the instructions or else you might get points taken away and earn a ribbon you are not proud of. I am proud of all the things I have learned over the years, and I cannot wait to continue cooking in the future.