LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The President isn’t delivering on his promises


To the Editor:

The current President was to increase the tax burden in the rich and improve life for the less fortunate – a loose summary of some campaign rhetoric.

Unfortunately, he has done just the opposite.

The cost of a gallon of gas is up about 40% since he took office. For me to just get around costs 40% more than it did 15 months ago.

Unfortunately, the cost of gas drives inflation as our economy relies on goods delivered by vehicle. Consequently, inflation is taking off, and everything I buy costs more.

The rich he was targeting aren’t affected. They can afford any increase. Their businesses just add the increased costs from inflation to their cost of doing business. I can’t do that. So, just like the rest of the middle class and the less fortunate, the President’s promises were to some other part of society, not mine (ours).

I don’t consider the wealthy the problem. I just don’t think the President knows how to deliver on his promises. He may not even realize his actions diverge from his words. Let us hope he has an inspirational moment(s) and gets back to helping the people who elected him. He has forgotten that.

Ken Peterson