LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Goodbye to greener pastures


To the Editor:

Hancock County Commissioners have no intention of limiting expansion of Indianapolis into this area. Boundaries have been promised before and broken. They may show a customary reluctance, but never turn down new construction for long.

Local government has developers on the left and economists on the right. It’s not realistic to expect the ballot box to elicit change. It’s called progress, but it’s more of the same cheaply built houses and low wage warehouses that will look like any other city in 100 years.

I know what healthy America looks like, and once looked like, so I have no love of corn, I know what it’s used for. However, given a choice I’d rather see corn fields than parking lots, hear birds than traffic, and smell clean air than diesel any day of the week.

The way I see it, displaced farmers and those who moved here for a rural atmosphere have two options in their future. Embrace the coming crowds and the inevitable surveillance or move to greener pastures – of which Greenfield ironically has very little anymore.

Allan Cormick