LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why the Indiana Democratic Party leadership wanted me silenced


To the Editor:

Regarding my recent removal from the 2022 Sixth District Congressional race, I wanted to state clearly in my view why the Indiana Democratic Party Leadership wanted me silenced.

I am a CHRISTIAN DEMOCRAT within the Democratic Party. I am Pro-Faith, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Gun Rights, Pro- Life, Pro-Worker, Pro-Family and Pro-America! I am AGAINST Communists, Socialists, Racists, Globalists, Government Mandates, Passports, unvetted Child Sex Trafficking disguised as Immigration and the reckless spending by both Globalist Republicans and Communist Democrats in Washington. D.C.

In 2021, the Indiana General Assembly’s Globalist Republican and Communist Democratic leadership passed a law in the dark of night with the whimsical desire to control candidates in the 2022 primary. Please watch for yourself the “Bi-Partisan Kangaroo Court” that met in Indianapolis on February 18, 2022. Please go to my 2024 exploratory Congressional campaign website www.pastorpowellforcongress.webs.com and click on the light blue LINK in the middle of the page. My “Show Trial” begins at 3:16:17 into the video.

So as a political analyst instead of a candidate this election season, let me predict what will occur in our Sixth District Congressional District race. I predict Cindi Wirth will be the 2022 Democratic nominee against Mike Pence’s brother Greg and she will go the way of all radical Communist Democratic nominees in Indiana. Just as she lost two races in 2020, both the State Representative Democratic primary in June and the State Senate General election she was appointed to in November, she will add a victory against a perennial candidate in May and show what a waste of money and time her candidacy is in losing to Pence in November. My prediction Pence Wins with 65%, Wirth 32% and Other 3% . Congressman Pence returns for another 2 years and Wirth’s candidacy was simply WORTHLESS in the Conservative Sixth.

In 2024 when I can get on the ballot unless the Globalist GOP and Communist Democrat Leadership find another sneaky way to exclude my and other voices of both parties like the two women Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate and multiple patriotic Republican candidates that the Pence Machine hates so very much that were excluded. There will be many reasons to run and win the Sixth District seat. One, DEBT RELIEF for the Middle Class and recent college graduates; if the Wall Street Banksters can get Trillions, the Middle Class must receive OUR FAIR SHARE. Two, how about access to Congressional Health Insurance; if Pelosi, McConnell, Young and Pence get the best, the Middle Class must receive OUR FAIR SHARE!!!

Unless the Good Lord calls me Home, I will be advocating a return to patriotism and sanity in the Democratic Party.

God Save America.

Reverend Mark J. Powell, M.Div.