LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nixing handgun permits not a good idea


To the Editor:

“Constitutional carry” has a nice ring to it. However, I made the mistake of actually reading the bill currently before the Legislature and found a problem.

Under current law, anyone who asks for a permit to carry a gun goes through a simple process of having their records checked to see if they have committed crimes. If they have committed a serious crime then they won’t get the permit, and so they will not be able to carry a gun outside of their home.

If this bill passes the Indiana General Assembly, then there will be no criminal records search, and the craziest of persons with a long criminal record can walk down main street with guns strapped to his belt.

As a lifetime member of the NRA, this does not sound like a good idea to me.

If our legislators, Bob Cherry and Mike Crider, intend to vote for this bill, then let them explain why they think that this is a good idea.

Tucker Smithson