New tech company launches app about city


Scott Barton

HANCOCK COUNTY — A county man has started a software design company, and a mobile app highlighting what Greenfield has to offer is among its first projects.

Scott Barton started SixtyEleven Software, bringing 30 years of experience developing custom software design, point-of-sale systems and mobile apps for businesses and organizations.

The company developed Key2 Greenfield, an app that features businesses, dining, entertainment, events and more in the city. The app provides links for directions, websites and contact information as well as additional information.

Knowing he was starting his own company and driven by a desire to expand his skill set, Barton built the app with a technology he hadn’t used before.

“I also thought this is something I would use,” he said. “I’m always looking for something like this and everything else that has a listing of restaurants or events is just a website full of ads. I just wanted something clean out there that just listed the basics, and not cluttered up. And then it gave me an opportunity to have something out there for my business.”

SixtyEleven’s services include mobile app development for iOS and Android, custom web development, Windows application development, accounting package integrations, data exports and imports, data conversions and reporting.

“There’s software for every kind of industry out there, but it’s built to the lowest common denominator basically,” Barton said. “If you buy it off the shelf, it kind of does half of what you really want as a business. If you sit down with someone and build a custom software project, then you get exactly how you want it, exactly how your business runs.”

More information about the company is available at

“It’s something I’ve always liked,” Barton said. “As a kid, I enjoyed software development and messing with computers, and it’s something I do in my free time also. So that’s a pretty good deal, when you can make a career out of what you would do as a hobby anyway.”