Letter to the editor: Regular Americans will pay for Democrats’ spree


To the editor:

New York Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and San Francisco House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believe they know how to spend your taxpayer dollars better than you.

Let me share some feedback I am already hearing from my constituents who have been feeling the effects of the last round of Democrats’ wasteful federal spending.

“Our grocery bills and gas expenses are going up each month. As a public servant, an Indy firefighter, I’m having to work overtime to provide the same essentials for my family.”

“The independent business I work for is struggling to make ends meet and potentially will have to shut the doors…”

“I am a single mother barely making ends meet, as the costs of living rise, the cost of putting gas into my vehicle to get to the job I am lucky to still have but still live paycheck to paycheck…”

“At 64 I am forced to go back to work because my husband’s retirement and Social Security income cannot keep up with rising costs…”

Make no mistake about it: Inflation is taxation on every Hoosier taxpayer regardless of income level.

Imagine the price hardworking Americans will have to pay if the federal government continues to spend at levels the likes of which we have never seen in our nation’s history?

Republicans were open to negotiating a real infrastructure plan that would have delivered help to those who need it the most. Instead, the Democrats plan pits rural communities like ours against urban cities.

Democrats control the White House, the Senate and the House – yet they whine about the minority party’s unwillingness to roll over and help them pass their ultra-liberal agenda.

Across their party, Democrats are all trying to hitch their wagons to this package and cram it full of their radical priorities because they see it as the last opportunity to do so before Congress changes majorities after the 2022 election.

So, who will pay for the largest spending package in our nation’s history you ask?

The retired veteran on a fixed income certainly will. The parents trying to put their kids through college will. The farmer trying to keep their small business running will. The small business owner just trying to make payroll.

And so will their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Yet, Washington Democrats don’t care because they aren’t the ones paying for it – but you and I certainly will.

Inflation hit a 30-year high, real income continues to fall, and the August jobs report was a miss by nearly half a million jobs.

This liberal agenda is bad for hardworking Americans like my constituents, who will be directly and negatively impacted on a daily basis.

For that reason, I cannot in good faith support Democrats’ deeply partisan and extreme “infrastructure” and “reconciliation” legislation that would force Hoosiers to finance the Democratic Party’s federal spending spree.

U.S. Rep. Greg Pence


Rep. Greg Pence represents the 6th Congressional District, which includes Hancock County.