Cassondra Jones named Miss Indianapolis


Editor’s note: Eight women received crowns in the Miss Indianapolis pageant Saturday, Sept. 25 at the H.J. Ricks Center for the Arts, from “Tiny Miss” to “Senior Queen of Queens.” Greenfield native Cassondra Jones earned the classic “Miss Indianapolis” title. Here, we catch up with Jones and her reaction to the crowning moment.

Name: Cassondra Jones

Age: 21

Hometown: Greenfield, IN

Current town: Anderson

Family: parents Brigette and Brandon Jones, siblings Kristen Smith and Kareline Jones

Education: Senior at Anderson University, majoring in public relations with a concentration in event planning and a minor in marketing

Daily Reporter: Why did you get involved in pageants?

Jones: The first pageant I ever competed in was my Sophomore year of high school in 2016 — it was the Hancock County 4-H Fair Queens Pageant. I did it for fun and the learning experience, but I learned that pageants were so much more than dressing up. So I fell in love with the experience of competing in pageants and here we are.

DR: What do you hope to achieve this year as Miss Indianapolis?

Jones: The Miss Indianapolis organization is about “real women in the real world, making a real difference.” And I am just one of eight titleholders who were crowned last weekend. We all hope to make an impact on our community and others, through volunteering, charity events, public appearances, and other community outreach opportunities.

I hope to work with children in the community through mentoring opportunities. To inspire growth, confidence, and desire for a brighter future.

DR: Do you think being Miss Indianapolis will help you achieve personal, academic, or career goals?

Jones: Pageants in general help me work on my interview skills, public speaking, and confidence. The Miss Indianapolis pageant alone has already been a great networking opportunity.

DR: Do you plan to continue entering other pageants? If so, what?

Jones: Yes, I’ll continue to do pageants to meet new people, work on my professional skills, but to also have that opportunity to make a difference in the community. I know I can make a difference without pageants but it’s great to have an organization that supports me and my platform.