Letter to the editor: Vandals trash volunteers’ hard work

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To the editor:

On Sept. 3, coach Stewart called me and told me that someone vandalized the softball park again. They broke the door into the press box, opened doors and drawers and then spray-painted the dugouts. I am 80 years old and my husband is 84, and we spent countless hours this spring replacing boards; painting the fence and the dugouts; mowing the bullpens; and pulling weeds so we could all have a ballpark to be proud of. Things in the world right now with hurricanes, floods, wildfires, COVID and Delta, we are all struggling, but it sure doesn’t help to destroy school property. If you have a problem with someone, talk to a counselor, grown-up or parent. How would you feel if you came home someday and someone did this to your parents’ house? Find something constructive to do, and you may feel better about yourself.

Helga King