Letter to the editor: Do we really need more distribution centers?


To the editor:

Are all of the new distribution centers being built on the west side of our county good for us, or just good for them?

They pay no property taxes in the beginning, and when they begin to on a sliding scale, all of it goes to a TIF district, which can spend it for their benefit.

In any case, no property taxes ever go to support public services, like police, fire, ambulance or schools. You and I pay for those services to them.

And with each passing year, I notice that the county roads have more trucks on them, slowing the traffic for us.

So, why do we want them at all? Many years ago, they were attractive because they provided jobs. However, Hancock County’s unemployment rate is only 3% (4% is considered full employment!).

So, county officials, it’s time to rethink whether we really want more of them.

Grant Cripe