Letter to the editor: Wry take on tax refunds was on the mark

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To the editor:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the column written by Leo Morris for the July 29, 2021, edition of the Daily Reporter,"How I’m planning to spend my tax refund." His wry take on this nonsense is amazing. And far more effective than what my own approach to the subject would be. And that is to call it a blatant attempt at fooling the public into believing this is an efficient way to run a government.

It was wrong for the state to collect so much more than was needed. At the same time, there are so many needs that are unmet the state could find a use for the money, at least some of it. But those needs need to be outlined prior to collecting the money.

It was then wrong for the state to present this money as kind of a gift back to taxpayers. It is not. It is paying back money collected under false pretenses. And I am sure there were those in state government who wanted to keep the money but were stymied by the new rules about what to do if the state collected too much.

We deserve more from our government officials. And thank you, Mr. Morris, for your humorous presentation of this issue.

Jim Matthews