Letter to the editor: Beware of semis running red lights on U.S. 40


To the editor:

I do not drive on U.S. 40 on a daily basis, but in the past two weeks, I have watched four semi-trailer trucks run red lights. All were eastbound, and the first was at U.S. 40 and Mt. Comfort Road; the light changed when the truck was at speed and 150 to 200 feet west of the intersection. It did not slow and blew through the light.

I also observed another run this light a few days later, and then I observed two others blow the light and U.S. 40 and County Road 200W. One of these was above the 45 mph limit and blew it at speed. Can’t the sheriff and state police pay a little more attention to this matter? I am sure the drivers are frustrated with the road work, but all of us are.

Jerald Wilson