Letter to the editor: Industrial projects consuming our pristine land


To the editor:

Recently the Hancock County Plan Commission voted to give an unfavorable recommendation to the industrial business park rezone request from GDI Construction for the northwest cordner of County Roads 300N and 300W for the purpose of building several spec buildings. Thank you to Wendell Hester, Byron Holden, Michael Long, Tom Nigh, Renee Oldham and Bill Spalding for your votes to give a thumbs-down to this request. It is good to see that some Hancock County officials are starting to rethink the wisdom of the unbridled industrial growth that has overtaken western Hancock County north of Interstate 70.

For the readers of this newspaper who have not been in this part of the county lately, I suggest you take a drive through the Mt.Comfort Corridor and then jog over to the proposed West Allocation Area north of I-70 between Country Road 700W and County Line Road. I think you will be shocked and appalled to see what has happened to the beautiful agricultural land and country homes in this part of the county.

Sandra Hudson