Letter to the editor: Harm to county has reached point of no return

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To the editor:

I read the nice story recently about the sage idea to save the bricks being dug up on old State Street for the Depot Street development. Very good! Now, how about the unremovable bricks laid down in western Hancock County from all the greedy, tax-abatement warehouses, factories and distribution centers?

Pretty bad when Fox 59 can do a segment over the poor 15-minute response time from an active burglary in western Hancock County close to the almighty tax-abatement area. Councilors, commissioners, movers and shakers — all who were in on this explosion from the start should now be willing to train and serve as volunteer reserve police, fire and rescue personnel on their off time and weekends. And if you’re too old and portly, then you can help out at the jail.

Here’s a novel idea: If a company really has our good interest at heart, then do a reverse tax abatement, where it pays them to stay, not sell to a different name in the 10th year like cheap, profit/greed-driven third-party factories are prone to do. Let them wine and dine us instead of the opposite!

Sadly, Hancock County has been irreparably ruined in the northwest section and no undoing that. Like County Councilman Kent Fisk said, it will be like the east side of Indianapolis soon. Many people moved out here 40-plus years ago to avoid the poor schools, crime and low quality of life in Indy. Who would have thought greed over tax abatements would trash our county even 10 or 20 years ago? Who do we see over what has been done? Like the man once said, "Nobody to see — wish there was!"

Vote out any councilors or commissioners who let this happen!

D.V. Dunn