Letter to the editor: Who will step up to make a bypass a reality?


To the editor:

Well, as I enjoy a quiet Sunday morning without the roar and rumble of countless semi trucks up and down North State Street, I once again wonder who we have to talk to or deal with to create a truck bypass for our city? Is it our mayor who holds the power to order up the bypass? Is it the city council?

Is it our local DOT? County commissioners? I know this issue has been studied, discussed and pondered for well on 40 years that I’ve lived here, to no avail. So who is the horse that can finally ride this project home across the finish line? Or is it a combination of many city/county officials — ugh — which means bipartisanship by our elected officials. That is probably why it’s never happened. Whosoever egos need knocked down to make this happen need put in their place and remember you were elected to serve your constituents, not your secret coalition or political contributor friends. (Are you listening, county commissioners?)

Now, how could such a project happen? Well, common sense would tell the powers that be that all semi trucks would be mandated to take a bypass starting at State Street and West on New Road.

As the trucks head west on New Road, keep going; there is no logic in using Broadway or Franklin Street as the southbound route. Those are already too congested and populated. On to Meridian Road, then south. There is enough room on the west side of Meridian Road to construct a three lane road (with the center lane being for turning only). Then, if a truck is truly westbound, it can take U.S. 40 west to Indy.

However, the majority of semis aren’t even coming to Greenfield or Hancock County. They are using State Road 9 as a shortcut from Interstate 69 through Greenfield to I-74. So, continue on Meridian Road all the way to U.S. 52. Then, the semis can swing left a couple miles on U.S. 52 and Reconnect with State Road 9. Sure, as with any plan, a few residents, farms, etc would be disrupted, but really, if done right there would be no need for eminent domain unless you had to have more almighty bike lanes.

This idea is the path of least resistance, and any truckers who found this so inconvenient could stay on I-69 or I-74 into Indy and use I-465.

So this is a semi truck bypass only! We will never have a nice, friendly downtown district as long as we allow the semis to race through our historical or downtown district. It would seem that all the Greenfield committees, foundations, etc. would want a plan like this to happen. Can you really think of any other city our size that doesn’t have a truck bypass? I can already anticipate the answers from our brain trust that until the state builds a new interchange off of I-70, then we cannot proceed with a bypass. This has been your stock answer for years, and it is the reason why nothing ever gets done!

Let’s take care of our own problem. Then, if the state does finally come through, we can always rethink it, but never allowing trucks down State Street is always the best permanent solution.

P.S.: Most all smaller cities than us have a noise ordinance preventing exhaust braking by semis in city limits. This could be passed at your next city council meeting!

D.V. Dunn