Letter to the editor: Pandemic proves county doesn’t need new jail


To the editor:

The COVID pandemic has revealed that Hancock County government wastes money. Lots of it.

The Reporter story (April 6 edition) shows how the inmate population has been kept well below capacity without the use of any of the new $40 million jail facility

So we now know that the $40 million bond issued by the commissioners and council — which we will be paying on for decades — was just wasted. When COVID passes, and the use of full capacity of the old jail returns, we will be awash in unused cells.

But Sheriff Brad Burkhart is annoyed that he can’t make people with even the most minor charges be booked into jail. He brags that our county is now known as "Handcuff " County. Does that send a chill up your spine? You could be next.

Note that there is still plenty of room in the old jail for all of those who are truly dangerous.

Roberta Madden