Letter to the editor: Lawmakers have misplaced priorities on education

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To the editor:

Once again, our state budget neglects public education.

Putting one-third to one-half of new education money into programs that serve 10% of Indiana students is unfair. No research supports charter schools being more successful at educating students than public schools are.

Additionally, vouchers being extended to people who possibly can afford private school anyway is ridiculous. With Indiana’s teacher shortages, low teacher salaries, and cutting programs due to funding shortages, it would make much more sense to put the money into public schools, which serve roughly 90% of Indiana students.

I can’t believe public school parents aren’t up in arms. It seems like Indiana legislators, who started down the charter school/voucher path years ago, have no other ideas to improve education in Indiana. Their lack of problem-solving means they just keep throwing money at a plan that is unfair. Doesn’t it make sense that improving education for 90% of our students beats improving it for 10%?

I understand that vouchers for a percentage of low income students may be necessary, but to leave 90% of our students wanting seems ill-advised.

Food for thought before next year. Hopefully, public school parents will keep this in mind when they vote.

Vicki Brooks