Letter to the editor: INDOT needs a lesson in progress


To the editor:

The Indiana Department of Transportation is a slow learner. They messed up West Main Street by reducing four lanes to two, and now I see in the Daily Reporter that they are after North State Street.

INDOT did call a public meeting about a year ago to find out public opinion on both projects, but they ignored the result. All of the consultants at the meeting loved the projects (they were being paid for them, of course). However, when a show of hands was taken of members of the public, everyone there was opposed. Yes, 100%.

So apparently, INDOT thought they could lay low on the State Street project for a year and we all would forget about it. We remember!

Why would INDOT want to spend a ton of money on projects no one wants? What they should do is take the money they are about to spend on State Street and use it instead to put West Main Street back in the condition it was before INDOT thought they could improve it.

It’s progress when you increase road lanes from two to four, not the opposite.

Kile Haynes