Letter to the editor: Biden Cabinet is a collection of swamp creatures


To the editor:

I almost choked on my grits as I read the guest column by John Krull ("Our public servants, not his," Page A4, Dec. 5). He was praising Joe Biden for his wonderful Cabinet choices and what great public servants they are and how awful Trump is. My first thought was this Cabinet could be labeled return of the swamp creatures.

Let’s take Janet Yellen, his pick for treasury secretary. She has never met a tax she didn’t like. Her policies of wanting to raise corporate income taxes and add a carbon tax will hurt the average citizen like me by reducing corporate profits, therefore reducing the value of my 401(k) as well costing more at the pump. She doesn’t appear to have ever had a job outside the academic world, so she remains clueless to the real world and could care less about the average American.

Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary, was an investment banker, hedge fund manager and film producer, all of which required business skill as opposed to espousing liberal economy-crippling ideas like Yellen. Mnuchin understands that low taxes and less regulation makes the economy hum and helps the everyday person.

Krull said Attorney General Barr acted as Trump’s personal attorney, which in my view is totally absurd. The left spent four years starting with the Russia Hoax trying to bring down Trump. Barr had his hands full trying to clear the swamp in the Justice Department. The press and academia never cared about Loretta Lynch and her “tarmac meeting” with Clinton during the campaign, nor did they care about former Attorney General Eric Holder’s “fast and furious” scandal, in which he allowed illegal gun sales to track sellers and purchasers, which ended up getting American citizens killed.

And as a side note on illegal happenings, it’s nice to know that Joe Biden has reaped millions for his share in Hunter Biden’s dealings with Russia and the Ukraine oil companies, according to an October article in The New York Post based on information from former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski. Of course, the press prefers to fawn over his broken foot and dog instead of asking real questions.

Then there’s Biden’s pick for special envoy for climate change. John Kerry has never been right about anything except marrying the Ketchup Queen to bolster his net worth. Here along with other climate alarmists, Kerry and Obama have both purchased coastal homes. If the coast is going to flood in a few years, they must not be as worried as they claim they are or are just terrible businesspeople. Either way, they are disingenuous or dishonest.

I could go on and on about the various picks from the swamp, but those of us who love America and think America should be first will get it, and Krull and the others never will.

Let me summarize with it will be sad to see the great policies of stronger borders, respect for law and order, lower taxes, less regulation and government interference in our lives, less involvement in foreign wars, more peace in the middle east and a pride in America start to dwindle under Joe Biden and his fellow swamp creatures.

Bill Bolander

New Palestine