Tyner Pond Farm acquires 157 acres

Chris Baggott, owner of Tyner Pond Farm, is dedicated to a holistic approach to farming. (Tom Russo | Daily Reporter)

HANCOCK COUNTY — A farm that specializes in grass-fed beef is growing by about a quarter after adding just over 157 acres of future pasture to its livestock operations.

Tyner Pond Farm made its latest land purchase between County Roads 500S and 550S west of 900E. According to real estate transfers recently recorded in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office, Patricia A. Watson and Carol J. Zaner sold the land to Tyner Pond Property LLC for $1,101,660.

Chris Baggott of Tyner Pond Farm said it will make the operation’s sixth farm in southeastern Hancock County. The previous five are all certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and that’s the plan for the new acreage as well, he said. The process takes years and requires removing chemicals and tillage.

“Basically what we do is take cropland out of circulation and turn it into pasture,” Baggott said.

Before the recent land purchase, Tyner Pond Farm had about 600 acres across its five locations. Baggott said part of the reason he was drawn to this property is because it’s right across 500S from another Tyner Pond Farm property.

“It’s a perfect location for us,” he said. “Pretty much any time we see land, like most farmers, if it’s adjacent to an existing farm, then we’re interested.”

He doesn’t have any plans for structures on the new land, with it being so close to the existing farm property across the road. Fencing and buried water lines will be added, however.

Baggott said the new land will allow Tyner Pond Farm to have more animals and likely more employees as well.

“Demand has gone up significantly since COVID, and people recognizing the vulnerability of their food supply,” he said, adding the farm’s free delivery has also been a benefit for customers throughout the pandemic.

Tyner Pond Farm raises pigs and chickens as well. Baggott also owns Greenfield-based restaurants The Mug and Griggsby’s Station, as well as Indianapolis-based ClusterTruck, a delivery-only restaurant.