Mrs. Wolski’s 2nd graders from Weston Elementary


Editor’s note: This group of letters from second-graders at Weston Elementary School wasn’t published in our Letters to Santa section last weekend. We’re including it today so Santa will still have time to read it.

Dear Santa,

Are you excited for Christmas? Thank you for my cozy blanket. This year I went a new pair of boots. I hope you have a safe trip!

Your Friend, Mrs. Wolski

Dear Santa Claus

how many cookies did you eat last year I would love you to send me a white tiny puppy. And I need a new unicorn boots I hope you have a fun Christmas year


Dear Santa

Is magic real? Thank you or giving me a trolls blind bag. I want a soft cozy blanket please. I want a bunch of LPS please and thank you. I hope you have a safe trip.

Your friend, Addison

Dear Santa,

I want badlas and cars. I need a new brother.


Dare Santa,

can I have a bed. Thank Santa for the gift. Hot yelled. Can I please have a ty. Can I please a new bike because my bike is to small. Santa i hope you have a safe trip.

Your friend Dariean.

I wish Santa has a safe trip

Your friend, Tyler

Dear Santa, I am excited for Christmas are you? Thank you for the shimmer and shine palace last year. Santa we need a new cover for our fire alarm in my parents hall I think it is a fire alarm that is in there hall. Something I want for Christmas is a new doll house please. Have a safe trip and to not get a tummy ache let the elf’s eat some cookies.

Your friend, Abigail

Dear Santa, How do you do magic? Thancks for the farming toy set last year. I want a new bike for Christmas. I mite need a new gakit. I hope you have a safe trip with all the toys.

your friend Colton

Dear Santa,

Will you get me a cat ?thank you for giving me hot co co .I need boots please. I want candy please. Have a safe trip and do not cry.

Love Megann

Dear Santa,

How many elf do you have? Thanks for my motiatol Santa. I want a pimypop. I ned knew pants. Im glad sat you are rel.

Your fiend Miles.

Dear Santa,

Are you still reel base with the gifts. Thank you for the kitty you got me last year. This year I need new winter clothing. This year I would like some Lol sprise doll. Maybe 2,3or4. I wish you have a safe trip and don’t feel sick from the Cooke’s


Dear Santa Do you know eny thing about sharks? I want a skateboard. And I want some new clothes. I hope you don’t eat too much cookies? I have been good this year


Dear Santa.

I want a puppy for Christmas. Thank you for my bye gun from last Christmas. I need a fishing pole bate what’s lain hocks live fish live shrimp slime.


Dear Santa,

Do you have a good toothbrush. Thank you for my drift cart. I want a Huver bord please i need a pair of shoes please and thank you. I hope you are safe.

Your favorite kid COLTEN

Dear sata ,

How are you! Thank you for the clows. l want a puppy. i need the people to be kind to kids and nice to people. i hope you have a nice trip.

Love Maci

Dear Santa, How many presents do you and your elf’s have to make every year? Thank you for the Cotten candy maker you got me last year. What I want for Christmas are some books.I don’t think I really need anything. Have a safe trip. Try not to eat all of the cookies or you’ll get a tummy ache. Your friend Leah

Dear Santa,

You’re friend dalton

Dear Santa Santa save sum for the ride, Christmas men’s a lot to me I wood like a Huber bird,

Your friend Sunshine

Dear Santa,

I need a game is super Mario party and Pokémon quest, And a another cosmo,

Your friend Aiden

Dear Santa

Are your really real thank you for my dolls last year. Santa I really want lol dolls and I need more shoes I wish Santa a safe trip

Your friend Alivia.

Dear Santa,

Are you happy Christmas is coming up. thank you Santa for the sleeping bag and the pajamas I need new sandals and flip flops Try to bring stomach akin medicine

Your friend Christian

Dear Santa,

How many president do you have to take for everyone? Thank for giving me clothes. I need a picture of daddy I want a drone with camera.have a safe flight and trip and You better shire your cookies. It’s your favorite kid Riley

Dear Santa, How many elf’s do you have. Thanks Santa for the docmickstuffin nursery. Santa I need a pare of shoes. Santa i want a oven backing set. Santa I hope you have a safe trip.

Love Madison