Business Briefs — Nov. 3


Indy ranked high on best cities for jobs

Glassdoor, a career building and recruiting site, ranked Indianapolis as number 3 on its “25 Best Cities for Jobs” list. Indianapolis took third place to Pittsburgh, PA and St. Louis, MO. The site lists the circle city as currently having more than 55,000 available jobs, a median base salary of $45,000 and a median home value of $152,800.

Former mayor taking over local nonprofit

Indianapolis businesswoman and philanthropist Christel DeHaan is stepping down from her role as CEO of the educational not-for-profit she founded in 1998, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal. But her successor has no shortage of experience in business management, leadership and education; former Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, 60, is coming out of a short retirement to take over Christel House International, IBJ’s Lindsey Erdody reports. In addition to running his family’s real estate company and helming communications and corporate affairs for Eli Lilly and Co., Peterson was instrumental in promoting charter schools in Indianapolis during his tenure as mayor from 2000 to 2008.

Valpo store chain to expand in Indy area

Valparaiso-based convenience store chain Family Express, which opened its first Indianapolis store earlier this year, plans to start an expansion here with three suburban locations next year and several more in the works, according to the Indianapolis Business journal.

The Indianapolis store is at 7073 W. Washington St., near the Indianapolis International Airport. Family Express bought the property, which had housed another convenience store, last fall and opened earlier this year.

“Knowing our plans for the suburbs, we had an opportunity to get into a bit of a high-profile site near the airport,” said Family Express President and CEO Gus Olympidis. “We developed the site as sort of an hors d’oeuvre into our plans for the market.”