Police spend nearly $8,000 on firearms


GREENFIELD — The Greenfield Police Department saved about $32,000 to replace almost two-decades-old firearms for its officers, the police chief said.

On Tuesday, the Greenfield Board of Public Works and Safety gave the department approval to purchase 96 handguns for $7,918. The 9-mm pistols are available for almost a quarter of the price through a Glock-certified buyback program, Greenfield Police Chief Jeff Rasche said. 

Each officer will receive a full-frame 9-mm for on-duty patrol and a smaller 9-mm for when they’re off duty, Rashce said. Many of the officers’ .45-caliber and .380-caliber handguns are more than 15 years old, he said.

Kiesler Police Suppy Inc., of Jeffersonville, supplied the department with the lowest of three quotes for the weapons. Rasche said they’re also purchasing $9,475 worth of new equipment, such as holsters and magazines, for the handguns from Rushville-based Fields Outdoor Adventures, LLP, also the lowest of three bids.

Rasche said the police department will pay for the new guns and equipment with civil forfeiture funds — money obtained through selling property confiscated from criminal suspects. That way, he said, the department won’t have to put the cost burden on taxpayers.

The department’s soon-to-be former weapons would’ve cost more to maintain than to purchase new handguns through the replacement program, Rasche said. He added that the 9-mm is more common now for law enforcement agencies and is much smaller and a higher capacity style of weapon than the .45-caliber. The ammunition for the 9-mm is also about a third of the price as the .45-caliber handgun, he said.

Rasche said he emailed the purchase orders for the guns and equipment Wednesday and will now wait to see when the department will receive and start using the new weapons.

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Greenfield Police Department recently purchased new handguns and equipment through a replacement program, saving thousands of dollars.

Trade-in costs of 96 9-mm handguns: $7,918

Full price of 96 9-mm handguns: $40,824

Equipment costs: $9,475

Source: Greenfield Board of Public Works and Safety