Teen accused of sexual assault

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FORTVILLE – A girl told police a 19-year-old family friend sexually assaulted her at a holiday party in her parents’ Fortville home, according to court documents. Now, the accused teen faces three felony charges accusing him of misconduct with a minor.

The girl told police Jordan Collins, 728 Walnut St., Greenfield, cornered her alone during a party at her home and forced himself on her, court documents state.

A relative reported the incident to the Indiana Department of Child Services, and the Fortville Police Department handled the investigation that followed.

During an interview with investigators, Collins said he had no memory of harming the girl but told police something could have happened between them, court documents state.

Collins was arrested and charged with several assault-related felonies: two Level 6 felony counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and one Level 6 felony count of criminal confinement.

Each charge Collins faces carries a potential penalty of six months to 2½ years in prison.

The alleged incident was reported to police the day after it occurred, records show.

The girl was taken to St. Vincent Health Hospital in Anderson to be examined by nurses there who have special training in sexual assault investigations, records show.

During an interview with Fortville Police Department detectives, the girl said Collins came up to her during the party and asked to speak with her privately. She followed him into the garage of the home. He began kissing her once they were alone together, she said, according to court documents.

Collins then forced her to engage in a sex act, the girl told police, according to court documents.

She tried to stop him, tried to fight him off, but he was stronger than her, the girl told investigators.

Collins knew she was a minor, she told police.

The suspect confirmed that during his own interview with police, according to court documents. Collins told police he knew the girl was underage and knew he shouldn’t have kissed her, court documents state.

He couldn’t remember if anything further happened between them, he initially told investigators.

But, later in the interview, Collins nodded along as officers recounted the girl’s version of events, and the detectives took that as an confirmation of the girl’s story, according to court documents.

Collins was arrested at the end of the interview and taken to the Hancock County Jail.

He has since been released from jail on a $2,500 cash bond. He’s set to return to court in April.

A tentative jury trial date has been set for June 26, records show.