Doctors: Infant was abused


GREENFIELD — Doctors say a baby being treated at an Indianapolis hospital has suffered injuries consistent with child abuse, police said.

Greenfield police detectives began investigating what happened to the child, a 1-month-old boy whose name has not been disclosed, after medical professionals said the infant’s injuries were suspicious.

The baby was brought to the hospital late last week. The boy had been in his parents’ care for about one week after having spent time in the hospital immediately after his birth, officials said.

No information detailing the nature of the injuries has been released; Wednesday, Greenfield Police Department Chief Jeff Rasche sent a written statement to the media noting “doctors are not sure if the injuries are survivable, but life-saving treatment is ongoing.”

No arrests had been made at press time. On Tuesday, detectives searched a home in 700 block of Brook Street in Greenfield where the child had lived. No information about what evidence was collected at the home, if any, has been disclosed.

Rasche released an update on the case Wednesday afternoon after local investigators spoke with doctors concerned the child might not survive. The child’s progress is still being monitored, he added.

Now, detectives must work to determine a timeline of the injuries in hopes of finding out which of a number of caregivers was present when the harm occurred, Rasche said. That information will be provided in a report to prosecutors, who will determine whether a crime was committed.