Meth dealer to serve six years


GREENFIELD — A Greenfield man will serve a six-year sentence after admitted to dealing meth from his home on the city’s southeast side.

Dakoda Williams, 27, 375 Mount St., Greenfield, accepted a plea agreement from prosecutors days after his co-defendant – another Greenfield man now serving a prison sentence for drug-dealing – was found guilty of similar crimes.

A judge late last week ordered Williams to spend three years in prison followed by three years on probation after the defendant pleaded guilty to two Level 4 felony counts of dealing methamphetamine and one Level 5 felony count of dealing a narcotic drug, according to court records.

Police used a confidential informant to purchase drugs from Williams in January, according to court documents. He and another man, Christopher Beaty of Greenfield, were arrested and charged with dealing.

A Hancock County jury found 30-year-old Beaty guilty of dealing after a trial in May. After hearing one day of testimony, jurors returned their guilty verdict after just 15 minutes of deliberating.

Investigators believe Williams and Beaty were working together to sell drugs at a home in the 300 block of Mount Street in Greenfield, according to court documents

After a confidential informant purchased drugs later determined to be acid and meth from Williams, police searched the home on Mount Street, court documents state.

Officers found drug paraphernalia, including a burnt spoon with heroin residue, glass pipes, marijuana grinders, bags containing crystalized substances and notebooks with details of drug sales, court documents state.

In one of the home’s bedrooms, officers found a notebook labeled “Kody’s Notes.” The pages of the notebook appeared to contain a ledger of various drug deals, listing names, addresses, phone numbers and amounts of certain drugs that were purchased, court documents state.

Another notebook found in the same room contained a list of various synthetic drugs, their effects and the length of their high, court documents state.

Similarly, they found messages on Beaty’s cellphone that suggested he was selling meth, police said. Notes to contacts contained references to amounts of the drugs and various prices, court documents state.

Earlier this month, Judge Richard Culver ordered Beaty to serve a 10-year sentence in an Indiana Department of Correction facility. Thursday, the same judge sentenced Williams.

The plea agreement Williams accepted dropped five other felony counts he had faced: three Level 6 felony counts of possession of methamphetamine, one Level 6 felony count of possession of a narcotic drug and one Level 5 felony count of corrupted business influence.

Williams was booked into the Hancock County Jail Thursday to await transfer to prison and begin his sentence. In addition to the time he’ll serve, Williams is required to pay nearly $400 in court fees, records show.