Group withdraws $50,000 donation offer amid logo controversy


GREENFIELD — After Greenfield-Central School Board members expressed concerns #blesstheworld was too religious a logo to include on the football field on behalf of anonymous donors, the group that had offered $50,000 has withdrawn its support.

The board received word of the proposed $50,000 donation at its last school board meeting but did not immediately approve the gift, noting the use of “bless” could have religious connotations and open the school up to a lawsuit. The board was expected to vote on the matter at its April meeting.

Superintendent Harold Olin received a letter from the donor group Tuesday. It states:

The intent of sponsoring the turf field project was to give back to the community and to encourage others to do the same by having our sponsorship represented by the logo, #blesstheworld. The group views this as a positive message that includes everyone. It promotes giving back, making a difference and helping others through acts of kindness. However, there have been some concerns expressed about the logo causing the school system potential problems. The group does not wish for this to become something polarizing, negative or problematic, so, the group is withdrawing our request to be sponsors. We would like to thank Greenfield-Central schools for their consideration.

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