Liberal mindset, obvious in letter, creating divisions


To the editor:

Well, that was quite a tantrum (Ian Hutchinson, liberal coastal elite). I’ve heard some good ones since the election, but this letter (“We look outside our bubble to understand,” Dec. 8, A6) was special.

You associate yourself with a much-maligned, hated class of people in our country, but why do you feel hated? Perhaps it’s your conscience speaking when the hypocrisy of groups like Occupy Wall Street, ACORN,, Black Lives Matter, etc., invade and pollute the streets of cities and riot and destroy businesses, fueled by the dishonest reporting by the very media you asked if we were gathering our information and forming our opinions from.

Demolishing communities as they espouse clean water, peace, justice and fairness. Hypocrisy.

Liberals created the division in this country by exploiting and labeling differences in class and race.

Democrats in particular have perpetuated a dependent class of society and built a voting bloc from government programs, thereby monopolizing the vote.

While the heart of the liberal is in the right place, his ideas and mores fail the human’s sense of pride and accomplishment. Participation trophies, not keeping score, Dr. Spock and lack of discipline all have created the millennial mentality of entitlement. Everything should be free!

So you didn’t meet a Muslim until college? While Hancock County is mostly rural, what you fail to realize is you’ve probably met a Muslim way before you knew it — before it was required to wear your differences on your sleeve and announce that you are a Muslim, atheist, gay or transgender, etc.

Liberals were ignoring the problems of the Midwest? You know better. Liberals weren’t ignoring the Midwest; they were trying to force a lifestyle and dependence on government that wasn’t needed or necessary.

Your condescending tone and editorial prose don’t impress me, although I’m sure you shared your scolding letter to all your friends with an indignant tone of “I sure told them, didn’t I?” I’m sure they all approve of the Midwestern boy that broke free from the oppressive state of Indiana to make good in D.C.

Your letter was smarmy, presuming, condescending, insulting and reeked of arrogance. You want to know who’s out of touch? It’s the company you keep as a coastal liberal elite.

One only needs to look at the way America voted, where the votes came from and then the results. The liberal mindset is a road to socialism and eventually communism. So, you have fun in your little bubble of like-minded liberal elitists. Or maybe you can try chipping away at the bubble you’ve created and come back to Earth. As for me, I’ll stay right here in rural Midwestern USA.

Dan Livingston

New Palestine