Digging up histories on post office, properties


The Indiana Postal History Society now has available a postal history of all Indiana counties. Included in this volume is a listing of all post offices that ever existed with postmasters and a history of everything to do about mail. For more information, contact Art Hadley, Indiana Postal History Society, Hope, IN 47246.

The Greenfield Post Office was built at its current site, and the cornerstone was laid in 1931 by Congressman William Doc Larabee from New Palestine. Ora Myers was the postmaster. Prior to that date the post office was at the Arcade Building, which preceded the Ricks Centre. The postmaster position was a political football for a number of years.

Nancy Finster lives in Larry Fox’s old house and is looking for information on its history. The house, located at 203 Wood St., was built by Winfield Scott Fries, probably in 1908 during the gas boom era. Fries was the owner of the Hancock Mills and elevator and had served four terms as county surveyor. He was a Methodist Episcopal Church member and in his younger years a school teacher. He also belonged to various Masonic groups. He was never married and was 59 years old when he died. Does anyone have information about this property?

I am filming a series of local history programs with Ninestar Connect. The series is called “Stepping Back in Time.” The first one appeared Aug. 15. You Ninestar folks stayed tuned for more episodes. If you have something you would liked aired, please contact me. We are looking for program ideas in the east central Indiana area.

I found this painting here in Greenfield in a garage. It seems the owner was charged with the responsibility of cleaning out Howard Sams Co.; it was closed, and he was given the portrait. I couldn’t believe it. There was no artist signature. Subsequently a local collector purchased the painting with plans to restore it. Hopefully more information will come forward on the find.

Enough. I have told you everything that I know and some things I don’t. Talk to me.

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