Local woman accused of trafficking


GREENFIELD — A Greenfield woman is behind bars after police said she helped smuggled tobacco and other items used to make cigarettes into the Hancock County Jail.

Brandy Thompson, 39, was arrested Thursday on charges of conspiracy to commit trafficking with an inmate, trafficking with an inmate and trafficking a controlled substance with an inmate, according to court documents.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department began investigating after jail officers found a package outside the jail, which contained four razor blades, a lighter, wooden toothpicks, cigarette paper, 27 staples and tobacco, court documents state.

Security cameras posted outside the jail showed a figure, believed to be Thompson, walking up to the building several times and leaving items in the grass, police said. Cameras inside the jail showed an inmate collecting the items through a hole in a jail window, which was discovered during the investigation, court documents state.

Further investigation of the inmate’s phone records revealed conversations with Thompson during which the pair discussed a “present” and a “drive-thru” window and referenced many of the items later found in the package.

Thompson now faces two Level 5 felony charges and a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, she could face 13 years in jail.